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Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
TunnelBear is an interesting application that allows you to connect to VPNs (virtual private networks) from other countries, allowing you to experience the Internet as if you were accessing it from within the respective country.

The application is designed to connect you to VPNs from the two countries: UK and USA.
After you have installed the application, you will be required to create an account and log in by filling in the form provided by TunnelBear. Afterwards, you will be able to turn this application on by clicking on the On/Off icon and select one of the two available countries on the right side of the main screen.

The blue display will allow you to view the number of MB you have left during one month's time, while the grid allows you to view the data transfer rate measured in kb/s. You will also be able to see your status, i.e. connected or disconnected. The display is blue when you are connected and grey when you disconnect.

All in all, TunnelBear can be useful for the users who wish to experience Internet connection from other countries. The tool will encrypt the connections between the users' computers and the host servers, protecting their privacy data and making these connections a secure experience.


  • Secure connectivity
  • Experience the internet as people in US/UK do


  • None
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trusted DOWNLOAD 13.3 MB

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Facebook comments

SI comments

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    Daniel 2 years ago

    FYI as of 17 Nov 2013, Newest version of TunnelBear for Windows is The installer says Beta, confusing makes sound like test version. However, this is the current download for Windows. I downloaded & installed just before posting this.
    TunnelBear service has added additional countries/locations, now supports USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan. Web page shows Australia is available for paid services only.
    Free service, Little TunnelBear, has limited total data/month (0.5GB) (There is a promo to twitter about TunnelBear & receive extra 1GB data for a month, for each month you tweet & are verified).
    Paid service (Giant or Grizzly) does not have the monthly data limit, and 1 paid account can be used on one laptop and two mobile devices.
    Mobile devices supported are with mobile platforms Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) (4... & up), and Apple iOS 5 & up. So your device has to be able to support these minimum versions of those mobile platforms to use mobile TunnelBear apps.
    (I am not sure why they specify laptop device, & makes it sound like they exclude a desktop computer. For me, I would want any PC or MAC computer to be allowed, with the supported versions of Windows or Mac OSX.)
    The service seems good.
    The free service data limit is likely not adequate for PC or Mac, and may be adequate to not enough for a mobile device. The free service seems great for at least trying & testing. If you like then the paid service is likely best, unless your monthly data usage fits within the total data limit.
    I have other good secure VPN services & apps I prefer, that have free & paid options, and the paid versions are cheaper than TunnelBear. However, Tunnelbear currently has more countries/locations to choose.
    Most of the good free VPN services I have tried & use are ad supported, or often eventually become so. They have unlimited total data, but may have less speed than paid version (free speed is still good, paid is faster). TunnelBear free service is not ad supported, but has the total monthly data limit. For me the data allowance is more important, as I am likely to exceed TunnelBear's free limit every month.

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